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Credit Card Charge Authorization Form

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Terms & Conditions

Opening an Account:

In order to establish an account with Hollywood Studio Gallery, Please send all information listed below to Once this information is received and reviewed, we will determine the type of account you will be given.

If you are affiliated with an established, larger production company, please send us a one-sheet* (see below), along with an updated Certificate of Insurance. Once reviewed, you may be given a Net-30 account with HSG, and we will accept your Purchase Order Numbers.

If you are a new company with financial backing from a larger company, we ask for a one-sheet*, a "Letter of Guarantee" stating the assumption of financial responsibility, as well as an updated Certificate of Insurance. We may also require having a credit card on file for your specific project. A Credit Card Authorization Form is available in our FORMS section. Pending review, you will be notified as to the type of account you will be given.

If you are a new, stand-alone production company, or a company outside the state of California, please submit a one-sheet* and an up-to-date Certificate of Insurance. We require a credit card be on-file with us, and for all intent and purposes, you will be given COD account status with us. A Credit Card Authorization Form is available in our FORMS section. Net-30 terms are not available in this subset. Other payment options are a Production Company check and cash.

*A One-sheet needs to contain the following information:
  1. Production Company name (as you want it to appear on your invoices)
  2. The title of the production (job name)
  3. Exact billing address for invoices, including buildings, room numbers, suite numbers, etc.
  4. Accounting contact person with direct phone number
  5. And/or, Accounting Department phone number, cell number
  6. Accounting e-mail address, if available


Customers who do not have a net-30 account with HSG may pay with a credit card, company check or cash.

For credit card payments, you may present a credit card in person. A copy of the front & back will be made for our records. You may also download our Credit Card Authorization Form in our FORMS section and follow the simple forwarding instructions. The completed form authorizes Hollywood Studio Gallery to bill the card for rental/purchase charges, overrun charges, shipping and handling charges, and loss & damage charges. The Set Decorator and the cardholder will be notified, in advance, of any additional fees being charged beyond the initial transaction.

For payment by check, The Production Company information must be printed on the check. Funds will be verified and "deposited" electronically at the time of the pick-up. The transaction will appear on your bank statement as a debit from the account.

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