Licensing, Copyrights and Clearances

HOLLYWOOD STUDIO GALLERY (HSG) is a RENTAL art gallery whose primary purpose is to provide cleared artwork as set decoration in movie, TV, and digital production.

All artwork, photography and graphics found on this website are the property of HSG, and are protected by United States and international copyright laws. The physical artworks represented here are owned by HSG. The images found here, are a representation of HSG's expansive inventory and are provided as a shopping tool, to assist you in securing the physical items as set decoration. There are no additional licensing fees to you, our customers. Other than applicable taxes, our rental rates are all-inclusive.

HSG has obtained permission and rights from the artists, photographers, graphic designers and/or their representatives, to exhibit the works found here, in all types of productions, still and motion. Model releases, legal documents between HSG and its sources, and all collateral information is the private property of HSG and will not be shared.

HSG strictly prohibits downloading, copying or altering by any method, the images found here-in. HSG does not have the authority to permit changes to content, color, cropping, or size. Digital manipulation or adaptation for inclusion in animation projects is also prohibited. Infringement in any form will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

As the renter, it is your responsibility, or that of your production company, to submit a WRITTEN REQUEST for clearance to HSG. All clearances must be obtained in writing; verbal and telephonic clearances are not valid or binding. By NOT obtaining clearance in writing, the renter will assume all legal responsibility for damages and injunctions, and will be liable for all monetary claims that may arise from unauthorized usage.

The written request needs to include YOUR production's clearance form, a copy of HSG's rental agreement paperwork or at least a reference to the unique 6-digit agreement NUMBER that appears on our paperwork. HSG cannot sign any release without reference to a specific rental transaction (commonly called a "blanket release").

Due to the unique wording each production company requires, HSG does not offer its own clearance form. A sample of a generic Standard Letter of Release can be provided to you, upon request.

In the event an HSG image is deemed to have "hero" status on camera, eg: the item being touched, handled, discussed, referenced, or otherwise scripted, additional clearance above and beyond the usual, may need to be obtained from HSG, PRIOR to filming. Defaming, defacing or other derogatory references to HSG images or its creators, including incorrectly identifying the artwork or the artist, may lead to legal action.

Clearance requests may be submitted to HSG via e-mail address: or via facsimile number: 323-462-5113. Failure to submit a written clearance request in a timely fashion, could result in legal consequences.

Please contact us should you have any questions.

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